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So as I contemplated my upcoming missions trip to Chiapas, Mexico, I debated the best way to stay in touch with those back home.  Some have asked for prayer requests, some have asked for pictures, while other have asked for nothing at all.  In an attempt to meet everyone’s needs, I have chosen to blog about the trip as I have the opportunity.

So first and foremost, a great big thanks goes out to those of you who are praying for me and the trip as a whole.  The importance of that prayer covering cannot be overstated.  I will detail prayer requests here as I feel led.  You prayer warriors rock!

Now for those of you who are short on details, let me get you up to speed.  Back in February, Susan was presented with an opportunity to go to Guatemala with the organization “Healing Waters International” (from this point on referred to as HWI).  During this trip the team would be working at HWI water stations, participating in various manual labor projects and immersing themselves in the Guatemalan culture.   She jumped at the opportunity.  If you do not know Susan, this was odd.  I mean down right weird.    You see, Susan is what I call a “vacationer.”  She enjoys foreign places…   As long as those places speak English and she can retreat to her air conditioned cruise ship stateroom in time for the American style dinner.  So when she approached me with the idea of heading off to Guatemala, on a missions trip no less, I was SHOCKED.

However, I have been getting better and better acquainted with someone who is known for doing this kind of thing.  Someone who is known for changing the way people think, changing the way they believe and changing the desires of their heart.  That someone is the Lord Jesus Christ.  So when Susan wanted to go to Guatemala in His name to help those less fortunate, to share the gospel, and for reasons she struggled to even put into words, I knew He was behind it all.   So we set out to see if the thousands of things that needed to come together for this trip would fall into place.  Suffice it to say the Lord took care of everything!  As the Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 8:31 “If God is for us, who and be against us?”  It would take pages more to catalog all of the awesome things He did to arrange that trip and perhaps I will blog about them another day, but today I will try to keep things as succinct as possible.

Transformation in progress...

Transformation in progress...

So to sum up her entire trip and months worth of reflection, Susan has changed.  And I mean that in a good way.  Her understanding of God’s love has grown exponentially.  (You should ask her to tell you about how that was shown to her and how she has been able to use that to minister to others sometime).  She left hating the Spanish language and returned with a desire to become bilingual.  We are even being tutored in Spanish now.  She left with a fear of undeveloped countries, returned longing to take our kids to Guatemala.  She left confused as to why I loved to be in foreign countries so much, yet she returned encouraging me take a HWI trip, which bring this full circle to the purpose of this blog.  I am heading of to Chiapas and am anticipating how the Lord will be transforming me!

In my next posting I will give some details of my upcoming trip.


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  1. I am excited to see what this trip will bring you…. You will have a good time!I love you!

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