So Why Mexico? Why Healing Waters?

This trip looks to be real learning experience.  I say that for several reasons, but if I were to plan out a missions trip, this would not be it.  Yet I find God opening doors left and right to make this trip happen, so I rest confidently that it is His will for me to go on this trip. Let me explain…

As I am sure many of you can relate to, God does not seem to do things the way I think they ought to be done.  And because of this He has spent the past few years teaching me to trust Him.  Let me give you an example.  Shortly after becoming a believer I took a course in evangelism.  It’s am amazing tool!  The Way of the Master program taught me a great deal about sharing my faith.  So of course I looked for opportunities to use my new found skill.  Who better to evangelize than my coworkers?  So there was one individual in particular that weighed considerably on my heart.  I prayed for him consistently and planned to share the gospel with him.  Yet each and every time I made my way to his office, doors were shut, figuratively, that prevented any such dialog.

At first I though this was a spiritual resistance and I persevered.  But over time it actually became comical how I would be prevented from speaking with him.  Finally I got the message, God had other plans.  So I laid of the crusade to evangelize this coworker, and just remained faithful in prayer for him.  I put it in God’s hands.

“Lord if you want me to share the gospel with this person, then open the door for me to do it.”

Months passed.  Nothing.  A year passed.  Nothing.  No doors, no opportunities, just working under the same roof.  Then something amazing happened.

One day, about a month ago, he came to me after work.  He went on to tell me that when the digital TV switch occurred back a couple of months ago that from that point on the only channel that he could get in his bedroom was Trinity Broadcast Network.  He went to tell me with an almost embarrassed smile on his face that he dedicated his life to the Lord.  He told me how he had begun praying every day, how he realized that God has been there his whole life with an out stretched hand, just waiting for him to take hold.  He went on and on about feeling different about how he has wasted 41 years of his life and he has some catching up to do.  We had a great conversation that closed in prayer!  What a blessing.

But WOW!  What a lesson.  God’s plan for my coworker did not involve me “evangelizing” him.  God wanted me to pray for him!  When I just settled in and waited on God, everything just came together.  Now let me clarify, I am still a HUGE fan and proponent of evangelism.  Also, I am not advocating doing nothing in the name of “waiting on the Lord.”  What I am advocating is waiting, ready to move the moment the Lord says “Go!”

If God had done it my way, then this story would have looked drastically different.  But that’s the mystery of God.  We just cannot seem to guess how He will work.  The same kind of story could be said about my missions trip.

If I had planned my trip, I would have planned a trip to the Middle East or North Africa to further the gospel in a Muslim nation.  The farther the the country, the better.  I would have had it on the calendar for months and months preparing and planning.  I would have gone with the sole purpose of preaching the gospel.  Boy does the Lord have different plans (and a sense of humor)!

I will be staying in Tuxtla Gutierez

I will be staying in Tuxtla Gutierez

So find myself heading out to Mexico, the closest foreign country to Colorado.  I will be painting the boys dormitory at the “Casa Hogar Infantil para Huérfanos y Abandonados”, an orphanage in Coita.  I will be making puppets with them, loving them, providing them with clothing and putting on a puppet show for them.  I will be preparing a vegetable garden at the “Unidos Para Siempre” alcohol and drug rehabilitation center.   I will be doing all of this through Healing Waters International, an organization dedicated to caring and loving on the less fortunate in  a very practical way.  I think God is trying to balance me out a bit and I cannot wait to see what lessons are on the horizon.

Alexis, age 8, lives at 'Casa Hogar"

Alexis, age 8, lives at 'Casa Hogar"

I praise God that I am not in charge of the script!  If this trip is even an ounce like the story I saw play out at my work, then I am in for a real treat.

So why Mexico?  Why Healing Waters?  I don’t know.  Ask God.

Water from the HWI station in Coita.

Water from the HWI station in Coita.


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