Estoy cansado, feliz y en una pérdida para las palabras

I am tired, happy and at a loss for words.

Wow what a week.   I came back from Mexico stepping into a firestorm at work.  We are still working through the insurance nightmares ever since that freak storm in early July devastated our company and it had me totally consumed.  So to those of you checking back regularly, I apologize about taking so long to write.  But in retrospect it forced me to really think about the trip before I threw up my thoughts.

Resident of El Refugio

Resident of El Refugio

First off, let express what an awesome time I had in Chiapas.  It does not shock me that I had a good time, but I am surprised that I could have such an amazing time in Mexico.  I suppose this trip pointed out to me how I had many preconceived notions about Mexico and Mexicans in general.  I had been to resort towns in Mexico before – like Cancun, Cozumel, and Puerta Vallarta.  And I think I had had typical “Mexican experiences”, but never have I been enamored with Mexico.  I now find myself with a real love for Mexico, and Chiapas in particular.  I found the Chiapanecos so much warmer and hospitable that I have ever experienced from any other Mexican encounter.

So I will sum up my thoughts today this way…  God continues to show me how we are all basically the same.  Whether America, Mexican or Chinese we are all trying to live a peaceful life where we can enjoy our families and have some fun along the way.  However it is becoming apparent that some people have an easier journey than others.  Should we not try to come along side those whose journey is hard and lend a hand?

Also be sure to check out Greg’s blog and Jenni’s blog as well.  They’re great.


~ by shanesthoughts on August 15, 2009.

One Response to “Estoy cansado, feliz y en una pérdida para las palabras”

  1. Shane – i loved reading you blog!! thanks so much for taking the time to document your adventures and experiences. it sounds like you all had an amazing time. made me want to be there! thanks again for being a part of the “familia” of people committed to providing safe water in Jesus’ name.

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