1446 Miles and Still Unreached

Mexico City

Mexico City

So ever since the trip to Mexico the Lord has been really opening my eyes (or perhaps I should say heart) to the plight of the Mexican people.

I was reading recently about life in Mexico City.  The Mexico CIty metropolitan area has over 20,000,000 people, behind only Seoul, and Tokyo.  Yet get a load of these facts…

1.  Only 1.9% of the population is actively involved in one of the 2300 or so evangelical congregations.

2.  There are approximately 7 million squatters in Mexico City living in absolutely horrendous conditions.  There is very little in the way of outreach to these people.  As the book “Operation World” puts it “Christian Ministry to them is fraught with difficulty and challenge.  Few are prepared to commit themselves to it.”

3.  There are more than 1,000 neighborhoods without  an evangelical congregation.

Mexico City Barrio

Mexico City Barrio

WOW.  This is just 1446 miles south of us as the crow flies.  Less than a thousand miles from the US border.  That’s crazy.  The logical question then is how can I help?  How can you help?  There are millions of lost souls, living in squalor like Daisy Marie was in Tuxtla.  No running water, dirt floors, campfire cooking.  I have to ask myself, could I commit to helping those people?  Thats a tough question.  What does that commitment look like? We love our air conditioned houses, hot showers, barbaque grills and SUV’s.  I do not have a solution.  I only offer up my aching heart.

Lord, what what would you have me do?


~ by shanesthoughts on August 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “1446 Miles and Still Unreached”

  1. For sure that is the right question. When you see the need it stirs in us the question of what should we do.

  2. Shane: My most recent blog post deals with this, at least indirectly. We talked a little bit about this on the trip. Check it out: http://blogadegregorio.blogspot.com/2009/09/overwhelmed-paralyzed-what-can-i-do.html
    Keep thinking, praying and acting brother. We will keep fighting the good fight together.
    -Profe Gregorio

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