So much time, so little to do… Wait. Stop. Reverse that.

Who was I kidding that I would have time to blog before I head out RTW?

Work, kids, packing, work, call the airlines, church, work…

Man oh man there is a lot to do.  So let me make this quick so that I can get back to being busy.  Last time I left you with the shallow reasons for my trip – visiting friends.  But really the reason behind the reason is what makes this trip make sense.

So for reasons that I will leave for another entry, my friends (um, let’s call them Gilbert and Francis – Gil and Fran for short) felt compelled to help out those in need.  In particular they felt compelled to help the Nosu people of Sichuan Provence in China.  So after months and months of lengthy prep work Gil and Fran left last October along with there two children, ages 6 and 10 I believe.  They left typical middle class life in a mountain community in Colorado for a small urban center in China’s southwest.  They traded in their mountain home for a concrete apartment.  King Soopers for a live chicken.  The familiar for the foreign.  They left knowing very little of the dialect of Chinese they would need to learn.  They left knowing that they could not come home for two years.

Now there are good and sometimes long reasons behind those circumstances and rather than spend my time explaining those, please allow me to explain my trip.  As you can imagine that is not an easy transition.  Their everyday life is a chore.  Simply put – they miss home.  So since they cannot come home for a while yet, I am going to take a slice of home to them.

A familiar face, some chocolate, a little coffee and quilts from Mom are all safely packed away among a mish mosh of other goodies from home.  So this Thursday I head out to bring gifts to a family selflessly giving their lives to help a people group known as the Nosu.

So if you are of the praying sort, I could certainly use your help.  Gilbert and Francis could use your help.  Please pray for:

  • Safe travels for both me and the bags of gifts.
  • Wisdom of what, if anything, I should say to encourage them.
  • That we could be mutually blessed by each others company.

Some pics of the packing process…


~ by shanesthoughts on March 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “So much time, so little to do… Wait. Stop. Reverse that.”

  1. Very excited to hear about your adventures. Go Shane!

  2. I just got off the phone with Francis and the whole family is so excited. Strangely enough I am so excited too. It’s almost as though somehow I am going along too.

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