Real Quick.

Well I made it to China.  Not only that but I made it through customs and immigration with 120 lbs of gear and gifts for my friends in China without a single hitch.

I finally connected with Fran & Gill around Midnight Denver time on Friday night.  We enjoyed an afternoon of catching up and a foot tour of their home town.  Its a nice city of about 100,000 and much more modern than I expected and much cleaner than I have experienced before in rural China.

Well I am beat so I will post some pics tomorrow (your night).

For those in prayer, please fight, odd things when I was alone last night.

Off to bed…


~ by shanesthoughts on March 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Real Quick.”

  1. odd things? don’t you know you aren’t suppose to leave your wife hanging like that?!
    Glad you made it-
    Love you

  2. Good job my friend for your arrival and contact. I will keep you and Susan in our prayers. The IPT will dedicate tomorrow’s time in the chapel for you and your hosts.

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