Around the World in 9 Days

Commentary to follow in a later post.

Departing San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge & Alcatraz

Siberia, near Magadan

Delayed in Chengdu - Time for a snack. Who doesn't love duck neck?

Finally in Sichuan!

Woven Goods Seller

Old Ways Contending with New Ways

Wal-Mart is so overrated. Can't beat this selection.

Funny Signs were EVERYWHERE!

More Snacks! Mmmm organs!

Tibetan Himalaya

Pakistani Plain

Iranian Coast & Persian Gulf

Dubai Hiding in a Cloud of Arabian Sand

Recession? What Recession? Jumeirah Beach Skyline in Dubai

Rides on the beach at my hotel on Jumeirah Beach

The Burj Khalifa (formerly the Burj Dubai), the World's Tallest Building.

Then I flew overnight, over Iraq, Turkey and Eastern Europe to Frankfurt, Germany where I am sitting now.  Unfortunately it was pitch black so I did not get any pics of  Iraq.  I am looking forward to getting home and sharing some stories with you all.  Talk to you soon!


~ by shanesthoughts on March 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Around the World in 9 Days”

  1. cool pics! can’t wait to see you

  2. what a great variety of pictures, can’t wait to hear about your adventure!

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